Jamie Mandelka


Intensive Clinical Care Team

Jamie Mandelka, MSP, LSW, is the Director of the West Virginia Intensive Clinical Care Coordination Team at Marshall University Center of Excellence for Recovery, where she oversees assessment and discharge planning for youths who have been placed out of state for residential mental and behavioral health treatment. She collaborates services with a multifaceted system of care for reunification of youth within West Virginia where they may be supported appropriately at home. She gained a master’s degree in psychology, is a Licensed Social Worker, and worked with WV’s System of Care for over 10 years, serving holistically as a medical professional, direct service provider and in various supervisory roles for vulnerable populations. She has worked nationwide with medical and mental health providers, juvenile justice, and the Department of Health and Human Resources. She continues to advocate for the youth and families of West Virginia by participating in collaborative efforts throughout the state and nationwide to combat the ever-growing rate of need for foster care.

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