Behavioral Health Outreach Project

The goal of this initiative is to increase West Virginia’s behavioral health workforce capacity specifically for prevention and recovery. Four key project components are working together to enhance existing prevention and recovery infrastructures as well as to strengthen connections between educational and community agencies to recruit new behavioral health professionals and equip youth and family-serving nonclinical professionals with evidence-based behavioral health practices.

Project Components:

  1. Rural Integrated Care through Community Outreach: Developing and expanding integrated care models through training and education of professionals and nonclinical professionals.
  2. Student Pipeline into Behavioral Health Workforce: Developing student pipeline models in rural and underserved areas. High school and collegiate educational or youth-serving organizations that are in rural and underserved areas of WV are receiving resources to support Youth-Led Prevention group activities and projects.
  3. Applied Research & Education: Addressing health disparities for vulnerable and underserved groups by conducting applied research on recruitment and retention strategies for behavioral health workforce and through training and educational opportunities to ensure use of best practices.
  4. Prevention Education Program Development: Developing two innovative, prevention education programs that are evidence-informed along with evaluation plans with a focus on rural and Appalachian youth from underserved populations.


Tammy Collins
Tammy L. Collins, PhD
Associate Director

Emily Baker
Emily Baker, PhD
Research Director

Sabel Meadows
Sabel Meadows, MA
Pre-Doctoral Fellow

Austin Persenger
Austin Persinger, MSI
Youth Program Director
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Keigan Aabel-Brown
Youth Program Director


Assessment of the Behavioral Health Workforce Recruitment and Retention Needs

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