Marshall University School-Based Mental Health Scholars Program

The Marshall University School-Based Mental Health Scholars Program supports cohorts of graduate students seeking careers in School Counseling, School Social Work, and School Psychology by providing scholarship benefits in exchange for a commitment by the students to work additional years in a West Virginia school. The grant’s purpose is to increase school-based mental health professionals in West Virginia schools.

PROGRAM BENEFITS (per fiscal grant year, Jan. 1 – Dec. 31)

  • Tuition Benefits: up to $10,000 for 20 students
  • Paid Internships: up to $32,000 for 20 students
  • Funding for Sign-on Bonuses/Salary: up to $10,000 for 20 students
  • Additional Stipend funding for Students Traveling to Rural sites: up to $5,000 for 20 students
  • Supervision funding for supervisors: up to $2,000 for 20 supervisors


  • Must be a US citizen to be eligible for federal financial aid.
  • Must be enrolled in one the following graduate programs: school psychology, school counseling, or school social work. Clinical psychology and mental health counseling students are eligible to apply as well.
  • If receiving funding for practicum/internship, it must be completed in a high need West Virginia School.
  • All students who receive funding will also be asked to sign a service agreement to work post-graduation in a West Virginia School.


Lucia Meyer
Lucia Meyer, MSW
Project Director


Application links for each department:

Click here to view job opportunities posted by the West Virginia Department of Education

(Each county has their own job site, so it is recommended that students visit those individually.)

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