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The Center of Excellence
(COE) for Recovery

aims to increase the well-being of West Virginians through behavioral health education, prevention, outreach, recovery, and applied research initiatives.


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Education, Training, and Technical Assistance

We Are…

committed to providing education and training on evidenced-based interventions and practices to build quality behavioral health professionals and trained community members.

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Outreach, Clinical, and Supportive Services

We Are…

engaged in a number of campus and community initiatives related to increasing prevention, early intervention, treatment capacity, and recovery support.

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We Are…

dedicated to solving pressing issues through cutting-edge applied research in behavioral health and other related fields.

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Amy Saunders

Meet our managing director

Amy Saunders, MA

Saunders is the founding member of the Center of Excellence for Recovery. Amy manages the day to day operations of the Center of Excellence for Recovery which employs over 80 full and part-time employees who are working on multiple behavioral health initiatives in the state. She has authored and received over 30 public and mental health-related grants where she has served as a Principal Investigator (PI) or as an Evaluator.

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Where to find us on campus

Arthur Weisberg Family Applied Engineering Complex

Our admin/management team is located on the fourth floor of the Arthur Weisberg Family Applied Engineering Complex located at 1676 Third Avenue, Huntington, WV 25703

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