The Prevention Empowerment Partnership (PEP)

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The Prevention Empowerment Partnership (PEP) is a collaborative committee of community-based organizations whose mission is to increase access to comprehensive prevention services for youth and families in Cabell County and surrounding areas by empowering youth to affect positive change in their communities and to prioritize prevention throughout their lives.

PEP acts as the overall prevention steering committee for all non-duplicated substance misuse prevention in Cabell County, WV.

Through its partnerships, subcommittees, and workgroups, PEP provides technical assistance, capacity building, community outreach, evaluation, and training on all types of prevention to empower youth to deal with community problems and affect positive change in their communities. Efforts target the general population as well as at-risk populations that need higher levels of prevention.


Angie Saunders
Angela Saunders
Coalition Director

Tabetha Blevins
Coalition Deputy Director

Tasha Hall
Community Outreach Coordinator

Maddie Hutchinson
Prevention School Liaison

Courtney Hutchinson

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