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The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) is working across its bureaus to improve access to and availability of community-based services for children and youths with serious emotional disorders or disturbances (SED) or serious mental illnesses (SMI), as well as all families and youths needing community-based behavioral health services, including Wraparound and Children’s Mobile Crisis Response and Stabilization. 

The WV Wraparound and Mobile Response Training Center works in conjunction with the state and the University of Connecticut/Innovations Institute to provide training and implementation technical assistance in high fidelity Wraparound and Mobile Response and Stabilization Services. This is done with the WV Wraparound providers (which includes Safe at Home, CSED Waiver, and Children’s Mental Health Wraparound) and the Children’s Mobile Crisis Response providers statewide.


Holly Sly
Holly Glick Sly, MA
Project Director

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