Trauma-Sensitive Workplace (TSW) / Support Services

Crisis Event Support

Following a crisis event, the TSW team responds to the district to offer support and resources. A crisis event is defined by any event that causes strong emotional reactions that interfere with the ability to function with ones daily life. This includes critical incidents, workplace injury/death, death/severe injury of a client, death of another employee, workplace violence/threats, natural disasters. If you or someone you know is in need of our services, please have your leadership staff email us at

Peer Support

Our dedicated team proudly oversees Peer Support Groups tailored to DHHR workers across all districts. These groups are driven by you and provide a valuable platform for staff to engage in meaningful conversations about their experiences, confront challenges together, and celebrate their achievements alongside like-minded peers. This initiative presents a unique opportunity for you to share your invaluable perspective and unique strengths, ultimately contributing to the growth and support of others within the organization. By participating in these Peer Support Groups, you actively contribute to the formation of a strong and uplifting support network, a powerful defense against the potential toll of Secondary Traumatic Stress and Vicarious Trauma. We encourage you to reach out to to discover a group located near you!

DHHR Employee Mental Health Support Program

The DHHR Mental Health Support Program either eliminates the co-pay for employees who seek services at a Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center, or if services are sought elsewhere, provides reimbursement for mental health co-pays for all DHHR employees. Covered services include counseling and psychiatry by a licensed professional.

Regional Mental Health Care Centers

Click here to download a full list of mental health care centers near you.

West Virginia Family Resource Network (FRN) Offices

The West Virginia Family Resource Network (FRN) is an organization that responds to the needs and opportunities of the community. There are FRN offices in most counties, and you can access their information and Resource Guides here. Resource Guides have information from emergency response numbers to mental health resources, to resources for food and shelter. Use the map below to find FRN offices in each county.


LuAnn Edge
LuAnn Edge, MSW
Project Director

Ashley Kimble
Project Coordinator

Anna Robinson
TSW Coach

Chris Clagg
TSW Coach

Lesley Welton See
TSW Coach

Sarah Rowlett
TSW Coach

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