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Why is it important to develop my own self-love plan?

Self-Love is something that should be individualized. Your plan should include things that work for you! When we develop a self-love plan, we take inventory of our current stress, strategies, and can see our areas of need when it comes to implementing self-love! There is no one-size-fits-all plan, and we want to make sure any techniques you use actually help YOU! 

Self-Love plans are good for identifying in-the-moment strategies for short term stress reduction, as well as long-term habits to develop a more resilient way of being! 

How to develop my own self-love plan?

Assess your level of trauma, stress, and where you feel your stress most often. (Use ACEs, Stress Inventory, ProQol5, Are you Stressed? And Common Stress Reactions assessment).
Identify how you cope and what you do for self-love currently. (Use Lifestyle Behaviors, Self-Care Assessment, Wellness Compass Assessment).
Review your assessments and identify areas for improvement and implementation of self-love strategies across the different domains. Include short-term strategies and long-term habits.
Make a commitment to yourself to implement your plan! 

Quick Fix Resources

Feeling stressed and needing a quick fix? Look below for some in-the-moment resources to help you relax!

Eight Dimensions of Self-Love


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